Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Before and After

After posting in this blog, I feel fun to do this.
This feeling is different from at first blog.
I think all the time that it is a waste of time to post blog. But now I feel I like posting. Because I can describe what I want to said or in which I cannot explain to anybody but I can write in here. :)

Every topics is very important for me. I met many things that can approve my life to be better. To share experience, to be able to join with many people and I also learn many things from friend's articles, such as lifestyle, the method of thinking, why they think like that etc.

This blog is very useful for me.

I have something to say that before I studied with Aj. Mc, I heard he was also strict about grammar. At first, I was so serious but this is the challenge to study with him. I hope he can improve my English better.

The first period of this class, I felt fun with my friend and class. But inside my mind told me that why he did not seem to take care some students who did not seat in front of my class. I think I look like the boundary students of the class.

But, He is a good way to teach me. I've learnt many things from text book and outside text books from him.

Indeed, I want him to teach my grammar, but I think it is not possible. I should get D of lower than that. Because I am not good at grammar like other people.

knew only that I like English and want to study more and more.
However, I still study English forever. I think the learning is never ending.
Not only English, but I have to learn everything to make the next best thing to me.

Yes i'm loving it :)

.:: Crazy or Really Love?? ::.

Last blog I have told about Mr.Sorayut Sutassanajinda, the famous anchor of thailand now.

Why I like him? >>> There are many people usually often ask me when I talked about him.

I do not know why I like him. He is not the actor. He is just only the news man. I knew that I like him after reading his pocket's book, called "Kammakorn Kaow I"

I get many ideas from this book. Like I said I like this quote in which post in the last blog very much. That can make me have an encourage to everything going on.
Besides, I have watched his television programs that can make me be interested in his life. I could know Mr.Sorayut have fanclub website. I went to this website on last May 2004. At first, I was so surprise that there are many fans in this website. I did not hesitate to sign up this website, called http://www.sorayutfanclub.com

There are many members of this website almost one thousand people. When Sorayut went to meet fans of his books and sign as souvenir at many book shops, fans of sorayut including me follow him too.
We went to take his action's photoes to put these pictures to the website. Fans of Sorayut can see many events from this website.

Sorayut and I were in The Mall Bangkapi on last year.

Sorayut and fanclubs at Modernnine broadcasting station on last January.

I'm so happy when I see him. I'm so glad to talk with him. You will see him looks so angry all the time, but indeed, he is so nice and friendly. Although, he is not actor, but I like him from working. He pays attention to do his job seriously. He hopes his job has to become perfect job always. I like the thinking and the method of his working. I can adjust his thinking of his work to use in my daily life.

People in website are also friendly with me. I like them and trust to talk and open my mind to share experiences ourselves about Sorayut. We feel the same that is we like him and try to reveal his information to the public. Certainly, we will protect him from the bad comment which is unreasonable. We can accept,if someone give some comments to improve him.

Up to now, even if Mr.Sorayut don't went meet and sign as souvenir, we will follow to watch him on television everyday. I'm still watching him as long as I still alive.

That's all above the answer why I like Mr. Sorayut very much.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yes... this is lovely one

Have you ever been in fanclub groups or websites?
Yes, I have one websites. I am one of the member of websites

Do you know Mr. Sorayut Sutatassanajinda, the anchor of Thailand.
You can see him everyday after waking up from the bed until going to bed on the next day.

At 6.30, you can see him on Channel 3 in which "Roeng Lao Chaow Nee" or Good Morning Thailand program. You can know everything what happen before the next day morning by talking and analysis about the famous point on that day, such as political news, crimes, sports, etc. Sorayut control this program with Ornpreeya Hoonsart and at about 8.00 a.m. Mr. Ekarat Kengtooktarng will talk about sports such as Football Premiere league, Tennis tournament reports, American Football etc. I'm so fun to see this television program.

On the daytime, Sorayut will go to bed. You may surprise why he go to bed opposite others people. Because he has to do the "Kui Kui Kaow" programs or "Newstalk" on Channel 9 about 9.30 p.m.

This is "Newstalk"

I forgot to tell that "Newstalk" program are shown on holidays at 12.00-1.00 p.m.
I am so happy when Sorayut and Kanok do this newstalk together. It's very funny.

And continuing to do the "Tueng Look Tueng Khon" programs on Channel 9 at 11.00 p.m to 12.30 a.m. He select the hot issue on that day to show what, where, when , why and how can be happened from who. After he interviewed, the audiences can know about the paticipant in this program and can judge that this person did some article right or wrong by themselve. Someone said that this is the new phenomenon of the thai television programs. Because, most of thai television programs on the nighttime are soap operas and Music video programs etc. I like watching this, because I'm so bored about soap opera :)

Besides, Sorayut have two pocket books, call "Kam-ma-korn-khow 1 & 2" (News'Labour)
He tells about his life from starting the basic news man to the famous anchor at present. His life is very interesting for me. He didn't have father when he was young. He has grown up to be the famous person of Thailand step by step, not jump skip over the process of his life.

He has one quote which can encourage me when I feel deject. That is :

"Although, today you have only bits and piece of bricks or stones all around you, one day bits and piece may become the skyscrapper. So you shouldn't give up to do something."

I'm loving this quote very much.

Next blog, I will tell you why I like him and how I became to the member of Fanclub, the good impressing in my mind.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Er-ror... Do you like it?

Last two weeks ago, I watched Thai movie, called "BEAUTYFUL WONDERFUL PERFECT" or "Er-ror".

This movie is about the Down syndrome child who has to live with the normal people. His name is "Tong". He studies with his friends, but his friends don't like him and don't accept his as one of their friends because of Down syndrome symptom.

He is so poor. He lives with his father, Samrouy, his father works at bus terminal in Petchaburi. His father is abnormal like down syndrome but he is not completely down syndrome. Tong has only one friend who understands him. Her name is "Look-kaew". She is like a tomboy.

Look-Kaew has the cruelly father, called Preecha. Preecha don't like Tong and his father because Tong is a Down syndrome child. Preecha don't let Look-Kaew play with Tong. Until Look-Kaew and Tong run to the bus which go to Bangkok. They hide from following from her father.

They go to Bangkok and live in temple. They use their live to help the monk. Until they are cheat from the bad gang who want them to be the poor children to go to sales fruit on the Pattaya beach. While Samroey, Tong's father, go to there to help his son.

Friendship beyond them are also continue gradually without this word "down syndrome" or "Special child" They help together that can pass the obstacle between them and the misunderstanding person such as Preecha, etc.

I learnt from this movies that friendship are never ending. Everybody can make the friendship easily without dividing the race, nationality, religion or decease. It does not matter to judge he/she is a good person. Personality is the most important that we have to learn from inside his/her mind.

I want to have many friends especially who has the real heart to share the friendship. But I think just one true friend cannot be found easily in Thai society at present. Most of people told me that the real heart from the true friend is very hard to find. So, if you want to know someone, you have to spend the time to make friend. Sometimes, you will spend all of your life to know your friends.

However, if it is possible, I want to get the true friends one more and more.

I love my friend even if one day they will have something wrong both physical apperance or inside their mind, I never leave them outside alone absolutely.

when I think of this movies, I'll think of my friends.
So, let's come to to see my old friend to say take care na ja... :)

Friday, January 21, 2005

What is the most important in my life?

I will graduate in next 2 months
Many people asked me "Do you apply for the job?"
or "Please tell me about your future?"

Sometimes I'm so confuse to decide my future.
I never know how I grow to some way which I choose.
I saw some of my friends got the job. Some of my friend was interview with the job.
But now, I have ever been interview. It was so excited.
Once I ever thought that why I have to be interview from company.
"It is one of the rule for applying the job." My aunt told me.

I still don't understand. This reason is not reasonable.
However, I have to accept this rule, I don't like this rule.

Another one is the consideration of accepted someone to get the job. Almost the employer will consider from grade, GPA and the famous of the institue.
I don't like these because grade, GPA and the famous of the institue cannot prove the real thinking inside someone's mind. Even though, He/she will get a good grade, that it does not mean he/she is a good person.

I believed that everybody has the talent, the endeavor, capability etc, which be able to show what the real skill that he/she has is.
But, I think these 3 things above are not the most important to judge he/she is the efficient person. I think it should include personality too.
Because, the personality is the habit of each person. Someone is good. Someone is bad. Someone have both good and bad.

When I was child, my family told me that if you want to be a good efficiency person, you will have to practice yourself always, otherwise you will become the efficiency person while being heartless. After hearing this teaching, I did not want to be heartless. So I obey and observe the precepts.

Up to now, I know that my family's teaching is the real in every generation. People can live in the blue planet with kindness, not only the capability.

If one day I became the personal manager, I will consider person to get a job from testing their thoughts and minds.

However, job is not the most important of my life. The most important of my life is staying with the good family, good friends in the good society. You will think this cannot be the real. I'm gonna be mad. But in deep down inside my mind hope the present of this society don't have the violent. I want this society at present change from the violence to the peace. Even if it's very difficult, but if everybody behave the mind in the right way, I believe that this society will be the good society which I desire.

Hope the important thing in my life will be true.
Let's make our blue planet to be the clean blue planet please.
Hop to see the world peace.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tsunami between you and me

After the disaster of Tsunami which destroyed many areas of six provinces in the southern of Thailand. I'm still so sad with the death people. I think they shouldn't die because of tsunami.

Do you know about Tsunami?
Tsunami is literally means the tidal wave at seaside. it is tall about 10 metres up. Tsunami will fold the sand in deep of the seaside and release the sea when tsunami is near the beach. So there are many power to destroy the resident.

This is the Japanese word of Tsunami

Once there was the big event about Tsunami. That is Tsunami destroyed many areas in Netherland. The tall of this Tsunami is 530 metres. If you imagine when this Tsunami flow to Thailand, Bangkok will be disappear certainly.

Up to now, the disaster of Tsunami in Asia' s news is reducing gradually. But I'm still thinking of Dr. Porntip Rojanasunan, who pays attention to prove the death people from this disaster. She did these for what? She wanted to know these death people came from where. These relations of death people can know who was their relative from the memorize of Dr. Porntip.

This is Dr.Porntip Rojanasunan, the best doctor in Thailand.
But now she is so sad because someone blame her that she did this because she want to be more famous. I think this thinking is very bad. I don't know those people use which piece of brain to think the bad side of thinking. Dr.Porntip told to the newspaper that after proving these death people, she will out from the government system. She said that she are so bored with the Thai system.

hummm... It's pity.

However, many people told me that after happening of this diaster we should remind ourselves that how many we destroyed things on this blue planet.

We never know when this earth will be destroy completely. But i think we can safe our earth easily. Many ways we can do such as saving trees, saving pitrolium, saving gold, saving fish etc.
But, if we reduce human gradually, i think it is the good think because at present there are many people more than the residences. it maybe one day we will live by staying on the boat to the sea. And the Tsunami will flow us away from this earth.

ha ha ha
just kidding na!
I don't want to miss every thing s

Sunday, December 19, 2004

In the different place...

Since i was young, I lived in Bangkok with my grandfather who brought up me. I don't have a perfectly family. My Parents divorced but i don't worry about that because this thing is not a problem for me. My Grandfather taught me on the right manners. I can remember that how i have a good behavior such as waking up in early morning, praying before go to bed, etc. Until he passed away, i felt so sad but i didn't cry because i am enough to hard-hearted.

After that, i moved to Pattaya to lived with my aunt and my uncle. My house in Pattaya is near the sea but i hardly went to swim. I went to school in Primary 4. When i finished , i moved to my the other aunt's house and studied in grade 5 and 6. After graduating from there, i moved to the first house in Talingchan where i used to live with my grandfather.

I felt my house is more different than at first. Everything in my house is quite change since my grandfather died. However, my relaties renoated my house. i don't know whether i felt good or bad because it has many adventages and disadventages, but i still love my house very much. Until i am studying in the university, i am so happy at first, but later i relise that my house is far from my university so i should find a dromitory in the university for don't make me so tired. At the beginning, i don't like living in the dormitory because i can't do everything what i want. It makes the roommate annoied.

Fortunately, i had know my friend from the same school where i studied together. It is not difficult to book a room and we lived in it for two semesters until i am a saphomore, i can't book a room because my house is set in the nearest area of Silpakorn University. And the number of students is gradually increasing every year. So the soom is not enough for everybody until the second round of booking the room was happened, my friends and I could book the room successfully. I live in the Petcharat 2 dormitory with my friends in 3rd years. At present, I live with my friend in Petcharat 1 dormitory.

The different things between my house and dormitory are my house which i can do everyghing what i want although i am so tired, i can watch TV, listen to the radio with a lound noise, etc.

Besides, I can see my house in all days. At the same time, while i am living in the dormitory, i have concentrate to read many text book. That can help me don't be alone. Because i have many friends to live within ther. So I can't divide the different things between my house and the dormitory.

I like both my house and dormitory. It is comfortable for me. They have both adventages and disadventages in which it is not the problem for me because i can ready to get every situation promptly. It is not too difficult for me. In the different place teach me how to improve me in any situation is that to say i can get on well with others people in the society.


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Interesting outside my mind...

Everyone has many activities for their relaxing. Somebody likes playing sports, listening to the radio or collecting stamp. It depends on the personal of their choice.

When i was young, my hobby is reading books. I spent the time to read many books, my family thought me that i should read many kind of books because it's make me have many knowledge . Until i studied in secondary school, my hobby is quite changed in addition to read many books. That is to say i like listening to music, knitting, collecting the bus ticket and when i studied in my college, i like playing sports too. My favorite sport are basketball and badminton. When i play basketball, i feel as if i play in NBA's basketball or play badminton as if i am in world championshiop tournament in America.

By the ways, at that time i started to chat with the other people around the world on the internet including writting to the forienger penpal. They can help me improve my English. I chat with ICQ, MSN, Yahoo messenger etc. Besides, i like chatting with fanclub of Sorayutfanclub (the Thailand Anchor's fanclub) After this, i'll tell what is the sorayutfanclub. It's a good thing for relaxing. However i like singing and dancing for exercise and want to have a slender body.

Nowadays, my favourite hobby is not quite change. I have still read in many kinds of books including comic books. Although i study in the niversity hardly, i can find a lot of spare time to do these activities. I think hobby is useful for everybody. If anybody haven't got any ideas to do activities for relaxing, they will have a serious problem or stain absolutely.

At least in my opinion sports i s good for health. Reading many kind of books i s made me have the various knowledge. Chatting on the internet with the foriegner can help my English be better (even if now i'm not still good) My hobby make me very happy. I probabl can't live without hobby because my hobby can represent my life. And my life is every things of my hobby.